For ten years, AGree has been a trusted space for bipartisan collaborative problem solving about big issues facing U.S. food and agriculture.

About the Dialogue

Building on the legacy of AGree: Transforming Food and Ag Policy, the Dialogue is a group of climate, food, and agriculture interests. Although a number of coalitions are forming to promote federal action on climate change – including those that represent food and ag interests – CFAD is designed to encompass the food system. Our members are producers, food and ag company leaders, and civil society organizations.

The Dialogue’s long-term goal is to enact federal climate policy in line with our guiding principles. In order to achieve this goal, the Dialogue will serve as a forum for the following activities:

Foster Discussion

We foster discussion about the inclusion of food and agriculture – writ large – to address climate change in ways that are science-based, mitigative and adaptive, incentive- and outcome-driven, achievable, and capable of addressing the urgency and scale of the problem.

Build Connectivity

We work to build connectivity among different groups advocating for climate policy.

Develop Policy Ideas

We draw from the expertise of our members and the input of experts to develop policy ideas for how agriculture and the broader food system can mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Inform Decision- Makers

Ultimately, our goal is to inform the actions of decision-makers, promoting policies in line with our guiding principles through Congressional briefings, reacting to legislative initiatives, and developing policy proposals.


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